Terms and conditions


PLEASE NOTE: All items you order are made especially for you! This enables us to offer your choice of colour, including custom colour. Our standard build time is 7-10 days, although we're so excited to get you your items that we often get it done a bit faster. We know you can't wait to start training on your new holds, but please remember to factor in build time in addition to shipping time

Ninja warrior is an amazing sport, but there is a high level of risk associated with this type of training. We go out of our way to ensure our products are made to provide the safest possible training experience. We use Stainless steel eye bolts and hooks on all products that are likely to incur dynamic load, reinforce each piece of hardware with 100% pure polyurethane and conduct pull tests to ensure our products can handle sufficient weight and forces.

Assumption of risk, Exclusion of Liability and waiver

1 You acknowledge  that the use of TASSIE NINJA AND CALISTHENICS products involve height and can be dangerous even when used properly, Risk including but not limited to slipping, falling, impacting against poles, other people and the ground and as a consequence person injury ( including spinal injury) and even death can occur and you voluntarily assume and accept all such risks and waive the right to sue TASSIE NINJA AND CALISTHENICS for any person injury or death in any whatsoever caused by or arising participation in such activities

  1. TASSIE NINJA AND CALISTHENICS, are not liable to you, your dependents or your legal representatives for personal injury or death suffered by you due to the recreational activities not being supplied with due care and skill or not being reasonably fit for their purpose or for breach of any of the consumer guarantees applied by the Australian Consumer Law, or due to the negligence.
  2. You TASSIE NINJA AND CALISTHENICS , its employees, directors and agents from all actions, suits, claims, demands, costs and other liabilities in connection with or incidental to your use of the recreational activities whether caused by the negligence of TASSIE NINJA AND CALISTHENICS or otherwise.



1 - Please read all terms and conditions / waiver before continuing

2 - Always check the holds before each use, if damage is found do not use the product.

3 - TASSIE NINJA AND CALISTHENICS recommends the use of the 22kn rated slings to be used when installing products

4 - Only use TASSIE NINJA AND CALISTHENICS grips for their intended use such as hanging using your hands




TASSIE NINJA AND CALISTHENICS would like to advise that these items are all made to order, They are all handcrafted in Tasmania and can take up to 14 days to send out due to order volumes



TASSIE NINJA AND CALISTHENICS do not offer returns as these are made to order items so please choose carefully when finalizing your order